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§     Ramón Coto-Ojeda

§     Ángel E. Rotger-Sabat


§     Gladira Robles Santiago

§     Natalia Zayas Godoy

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1. From Cold War Warriors to Business Associates

Cuba-Puerto Rico Relations in the Last Half of the 20th Century

Julia Sagebien, Dalhousie University
Ramón Coto-Ojeda

2. Genetically Modified Organism

A Legal Perspective Handbook

Coto Malley & Tamargo, LLP

3. Memorandum Retail - Wholesale

Illegal Detention: Sales Receipt Verification

4.Family Law & Cases Digest

Concerning divorce proceedings, paternal
responsibility, custody and primary residential parent, child support, alimony and dissolution of conjugal partnership

5. Premises Liability Revisited by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court

Arising from a criminal action at a parking lot of a supermarket.

6. Establishment is not strictly liable for damages suffered by its clients in the premises.

Supreme Court of Puerto Rico Ratifies Rule of Law that Owner Of Commercial Establishment Open to the Public is not an Absolute Insurer of the Safety of Customer.

7. In-Depth Discussion of the Puerto Rico Legal System

Legal History Of Puerto Rico, February 2006 (Power Point)


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